The act of cyberwarfare sounds like another Hollywood blockbuster movie. But in fact it is reality and a big concern for the digital world of today and the future. Based on several incidents from the past, the growing sophistication and aggressiveness of nation-state actors, acts of cyberwarfare could heavily impact countries around the globe. What do we see on this topic and why you should care?

  • Cyberwarfare
  • Cyberwarfare
  • Cyberwarfare
  • Cyberwarfare
  • Cyberwarfare
  • Cyberwarfare

What will you get?

Insights and explanation of the current situation regarding cyber- and information warfare. What are geopolitically driven developments and long-term challenges? Who are the notable state actors and how are they organized? What makes them unique and what tactics do they use? What noteworthy examples have we seen in the past and what may be the ultimate goal of these state actors?

Presented by

Jort Kollerie

Jort Kollerie

Strategic Advisor
Orange Cyberdefense
Tamara Hendriksen

Tamara Hendriksen

Orange Cyberdefense

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The audience for this presentation is suitable for everyone; no specific background, role or (technical) knowledge is required.


The presentation can be given in both Dutch and English. The content (slides), however, is in English.


The duration of the presentation is about 45 minutes, this is without questions and answers. Shortening the presentation is possible but at the cost of valuable information and coherent story.


The presentation can be given anywhere, provided both presenters are available. Any travel and lodging expenses must be coordinated in advance.


The presentation is built in Microsoft PowerPoint and preferably shown via our own brought laptop. A privately ownded (long distance) remote clicker is also available. A provisioned HDMI connection to a large screen is sufficient. For large rooms with more than 35 people, amplified sound is desirable.


Costs are negotiable and depend on location (country), accommodation costs and amenities.

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